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Spray in place pipe rehabilitation solutions

Relining group offers unique and intelligent spray pipe coating solutions for modern inhouse pipe repairs. Our sprayed in-place trenchless pipe lining solutions makes renovations easier and more cost efficient than ever before.

Next-generation internal pipe coating solutions

Relining group has designed a range of spray lining solutions for inhouse sewer pipe repairs. The pipe coating systems are especially designed for our polyurethane and polyurea resins, that intelligently guides your pipe rehabilitation work step by step enabling the best spray lining quality on the market. Relining Group’s polyurethane and polyurea coatings are elastic, smooth and durable, suitable for any sewer or drain pipe material, making them ideal for a wide range of drain and sewage sprayed-in-place pipe lining repair projects.

Elasto Family​ pipe coating solution

Elasto family is a sprayed in place pipe coating solution which uses self-supporting polyurethane resin as an internal pipe coating material and pipe coating systems for spraying the resin. It is ideal for internal pipe coating renovations for sewer and drain pipes sized from 50 to 200mm. Elastofamily includes different sizes of Elastotec spraying equipments and a certified Elastoflake polyurethane resin.

Helpo Family pipe coating solution

Helpo family is a sprayed in place pipe coating solution which uses polyurea resin as internal pipe coating material and a brush coating system. It is ideal for sewer and drain pipes from 50 to 125mm that contains more than normal amounts of moisture. Helpo family solution includes HelpoFlake polyurea resin, that is also highly resistant to pressure and chemicals, as well as temperature variations and a Relining -System pipe coating equipment.

Complementary products​

In order to carry out quality SIPP- pipe lining repairs, we recommend to look into our complementary equipment. These complementary equipement for spray coating are made to enhance the SIPP pipe rehabilitations carried out with Relining Groups products.

See how high-quality spray coating is done efficiently

With Relining Group pipe coating solution you can save time, effort and money in pipe renovation projects



Relining Group Is Seen at Trade Fair IFAT Munichat

At IFAT trade fair you can see our pipe coating equipments in action.

A DIBt Certificate of Elastoflake Resin

A DIBt certificate was granted to Relining Group for ElastoFlake resin in 2018.

ElastoFlake was approved by DTI

ElastoFlake polyurethane resin was approved by Denmark’s Teknologisk institut in 2019.

Benefits of using relining group pipe coating solutions

References of the sewer and drain pipes renovations

Relining Group SIPP solutions enables versatile use for many kinds of pipe repair cases

Edifici Jaume II, Girona, Spain

"Thanks to Relining coating solution we could finish the project before the summer holidays. Now, residents can enjoy their apartments…

Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain In total, 300 meters of renovated pipe In partnership with Hidrotech

Marriot Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland 210 hotel rooms In partnership with Newliner Oy and Insatech Gmbh

Comments from our customers

From a Builder

“Relining Group was our first and only choice because the material fullfilled the quality requirements for having the DIBt certificate. The rehabilitation project proceeded fast without the need for demolition work. We first considered the traditional pipe replacement but we are happy that we found the Relining Group spray lining solution.”

A builder in Germany.

From Our Distributor

“The problems with CIPP- lining has gradually come to the attention and plumbing contactors are now looking for alternative solutions for internal pipe coating. Relining Group has a variety of spray coatig solutions where the fast curing resins are a refreshing novelty to the internal pipe coating market.”

Distributor USA

From a Plumbing Contractor

“We added SIPP- solutions to our service area with our current CIPP- solutions because working woth the small diameter in-house pipes are easier to work with Relining Group spray coating equipments than with liners, specially if there are many 90 degree bends. SIPP and CIPP solutions work perfectly together and we have more options to offer to our customers.”

Plumber in Spain

Become A Relining Group spray coating distributor

Offer your distribution customers unique and intelligent sprayed-in-place- pipe lining solutions that the trenchless industry has never seen before. If you are interested of a Relining Group SIPP- solutions distributorship, please contact us to for more information.

Areas served

Service areas include Europe, North America and Africa. Our trained distributors offer Relining Group spray coating solutions in:


Our distibutor in the USA supply Relining Group spray coating solutions to North American market. Elastoflake and Helpoflake resins and all our spraying equipments are available for pipe restoration projects. Learn more about our SIPP solution in US market


Relining group is expanding to the United Kingdom to deliver the best possible SIPP solutions to the UK market. The pipe coating system Relining S-system and polyurea resin HelpoFlake are specially tailored for the needs of the market. To learn more about the opportunities in the UK, please contact

Germany, Czech, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary,Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy,Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, South Africa and Ethiopia.

Frequently asked questions

A spray lining is a polyurethane or polyurea based coating that is applied to to the inner walls of a host pipe via a rotating spray head. This technique is commonly used in trenchless construction to rehabilitate pipes in-situ without the need for excavation. A spray lining is typically applied when a pipeline has become compromised by corrosion to prolong the service life of a pipe. Spray lining is also known as spray-in-place pipe (SIPP) lining.

Relining of equipment consists of sewer and drain cleaning equipment to prepare the pipe for spray relining. The preparations work require also drying of a pipeline with a powerfull heater. Pipe coating equipment consist of a spray coating system or that applies the coating to inner walls of the host pipe whit a rotating spray head. With Relining Group a range of systems are available depending how much the system is being in active use and how long lines are needed to be rehabilitated. A Relining Group pulling device will create a smooth, steady and evenly sprayed outcome of the coated pipe. For monitoring the cleaning and spray coating process a sewer inspection camera, a monitor and a recorder is required.

The pipe coating will last for several decades, but the operating life depends of many factors: the replacement pipe material, the coating material, the usage and maintenance of the pipeline as well as how the coating rehabilitation was performed. On average, with normal use and with pipe coating rehabilitation done properly, Relining Groups spray pipe coating will last for several decades. To date, we’ve determined that most polyurethane or polyurea projects will last between 30 and 50 years, or about the same amount of longevity you could expect from having all the pipes replaced with new ones.

Polyurea pipe lining is safe and its being approved as an eco-friendly low volatile organic compound coating (low VOC). Substitution of epoxies and other coatings by eco-friendly polyurea coatings is expected to cause a spurt in demand for polyurea.

Inside of the pipe is coated with a two-part polyurethane or polyurea mixture that consists of a resin and a curing agent. The material is mixed with a help of a rotating spray head that will create a durable coating inside the pipe. A powerfull pipe coating system is needed for spinning the spray head, so that the centrifugal force will throw the material to the surface of the pipe. Sprayd-in-place pipe method will compleately coat the inside diameters of sewer and drain pipes including straight runs and around bends and elbows.

Sprayed-in-Place (SIPP) trenchless pipe repair consists of two primary steps. First, the damaged pipe is inspected using a specialized video camera. Then the pipe is cleaned and dried to receive the certified pipe coating. Secondly, a special rotating spray tool is inserted into the pipe and a durable coating is applied to the inside surface. A minimum thickness of 3mm is achieved with several layers of coat. The Relining Group SIPP- process creates a new seamless pipe inside the host pipe eliminating corrosion, cracks, breaks and seam where leaks would occur. The integrated quality controll system monitors the usage of the resin removing the guesswork form the wall thickness where a pulling device enables a smooth, steady and evenly sprayed outcome of the coated pipe.