Helpo Family

Helpo Family is a preferable choice when a pipeline of Ø 50 - 125 mm contains more than normal amount of moisture. HelpoFlake resin is also highly resistant to pressure and chemicals, as well as temperature variations. HelpoFlake is applicable with the Relining S-system, which is especially designed to use with the resin.

HelpoFlake material

HelpoFlake coating resin for extreme conditions.

Insensitivity to moisture

There might be times when all water and moisture can’t be dried out of the pipe. HelpoFlake coating can be coated in extremely humid conditions thanks to its insensitivity to moisture. Drying of the pipe is however recommendable to ensure the absolute bonding with the host pipe.

Extreme Durability

HelpoFlake coating is made for extreme conditions. The fast curing coating has excellent chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistance, providing resistance against many known chemicals found in wastewater systems, like hydrogen sulfide gas and acids. The material can withstand mechanical shock and has excellent impact resistance.

Tough but flexible

Thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, HelpoFlake coating has high physical properties like high flexural strength and pressure tolerance, as well as tensile, elongation and tear strength properties. The coating bonds to virtually all substrates, including plastic, steel, concrete etc. Thanks to its elasticity, HelpoFlake coating is ideal for substrates such as concrete that have a tendency to crack. The coating has an ability to stretch and bridge gaps and the coating is not limited to variations of temperature, as the substrate expands or contracts under these conditions.

Efficiency – Save valuable time

Like ElastoFlake, HelpoFlake coating sets and cures quickly, eliminating the need for an alternative service line. The coated pipe line is ready for service after coating.

Technical features

  • Insensitivity to moisture
  • Quick setting time, approximately 5 min curing time at 25 degrees celsius
  • Good pressure resistance (8 bar)
  • High impact strength
  • Good resistance to chemical substances and mixture such as detergents and hot fat mixtures
  • Long lasting corrosion and wear protection
  • Excellent elasticity of the material prevents brittleness, tension and the formation of cracks

Suitable for plastic pipes, cast iron, stainless steel, concrete, asbestos / fiber cement, stoneware, CRP, PP, PE, PVC and copper.

Suitable for next pipe Dn
DN 50 mm / 2” / 45° / 90° bends
DN 75 mm / 3” / 45° / 90° / multiple 90° bends
DN 100 mm / 4” / 45° / 90° / multiple 90° bends
DN 130 mm / 5” / 45° / 90° / multiple 90° bends

Relining made easy

Relining S-system coating systems

The Relining S-system is especially designed and developed for use with HelpoFlake material. With our Relining S-system we have given special attention to the usage and maintenance of the systems.

Low start-up cost: great way to enter spray coating world

Relining S-system is suitable for small coating projects, where only one or two lines (with pipe diameters from 50 – 130 mm and for maximum 7 meter pipes) or a hole needs to be patched. This makes it a perfect option for companies that don’t require a full lining or spray system. The Relining S-system has a relatively low start-up cost compared to CIPP lining or full spray systems, and the system can pay for itself within the first couple of jobs.

Easy and effortless way to coat sewer and drain pipes

The Relining S-system is extremely easy and quick to set up: no long training or experience is needed to start the coating. Following a quick setup training about cleaning and coating the pipe and the user instructions of the system, the installer is ready to start work.

Also, usage has been designed to be effortless and clean since the system uses disposable cartridges instead of fillable tanks.

Easy to transport

The Relining S-system coating system is designed to make the on-site workflow as easy as possible. The compact unit is easy to transport to and move around the renovation site, saving time and effort.

Technical features

  • Height: 695 mm
  • Width: 775 mm
  • Depth: 175 mm
  • Weight: 35.75 kg (without cartridges)
  • Materials: aluminium and polycarbonate
  • Pipe Dimensions: Ø 50 mm – 125 mm
  • Working distance: max. 7 m
  • Supply current: 240 V AC (possibility of 110 V AC)
  • Constant rotational speed: 2400 / 1 min
  • Resin output speed: adjustable, two options
  • Electrical clutch for the user safety
  • Control panel with emergency switch
  • Wireless remote control with emergency switch
  • CE-marked
  • Material usage chart is delivered with the system for easy quality control
  • Video instructions for ease of setup and use
  • Very minimal material waste and minimal maintenance after using the system, thanks to its disposable cartridges
  • Quick set up time: less than 5 min and the Relining S-system is ready for use

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