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With our Relining coating solutions, in-house pipe renovations can be conducted without removing old pipes. The inside of the pipe is coated with our application system that runs our quick curing resin to the pipe, making a new pipe inside the existing one.


  • The application system is using a built-in computer to achieve exact wall thickness, removing the guesswork of current spray lining methods.

  • A pulling device will achieve a slick and smooth coating surface – no more rough coatings.

  • Continuous runs of pipe work can be completed and there is no need to stop at junctions.

  • The coating method doesn’t cause wrinkling around tight radius bends, and there is no risk of failed liners.

  • Thanks to our highly elastic materials there is no risk for coating cracks or fractures with large temperature variations.

Pipe coating process in a nutshell

1. Cleansing

First, a camera is inserted into the pipeline to inspect the current condition. The pipes are then cleaned mechanically and rinsed with water to flush out all dirt and impurities.

2. Drying

After cleansing, the pipeline is dried with an air blower and then inspected again to ensure it’s thoroughly dry and there are no tears or punctures. Any punctures are patched and repaired before continuing.

3. Coating

After the pipeline has passed the inspection, it is coated with enough ElastoFlake to achieve a minimum coating of 3 mm. This normally requires several layers of ElastoFlake, sprayed and brushed with the ElastoTec system. When the coating is finished, the pipeline is inspected again by camera and the results are documented to ensure that the outcome is seamless, consistent, and free from irregularities. The pipeline is ready for use after 20 min to 1 hour of drying.

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