Committed to protect the environment

Solutions free of construction waste and wasted coating resins.


Our method reduces negative environmental impact by conducting pipe renovations without demolitions. This means no construction waste is generated to the landfill sites, as a new pipe is coated inside the existing pipe. Also, the intelligent systems have been designed to minimize waste itself, so that no resin is wasted due to unnecessary cleaning of the system.

We are extremely proud to say that Finland is among the TOP 10 greenest countries in the world in 2020 according to the Environmental Performance Index. Our deep appreciation for nature makes us innovate in ways to preserve and protect our natural resources, and this is where the clean technologies are the key. Relining Group’s cleantech solutions reduces environmental impact with a method that enables less construction waste – and this knowledge we are happy to share with the world. 

With our solution the floor and wall surfaces can remain intact. This means that no messy and time-consuming is demolition needed, and very little waste in general. This is a big improvement compared to traditional pipe renovation methods, where there is usually a lot of concrete and asbestos waste, in addition to regular demolition waste, to clear from the renovation site. Also, our Relining coating solutions increases the lifespan of pipes offering a long-lasting solution: the coating materials are highly resistant to pressure, detergents and other chemicals, thermal expansion and other mechanical stress.

When designing our systems, one key element was to make the systems work without resin going to waste. That’s why we have given special attention to the cleaning of the systems. There is no need to clean the system, the containers or the hoses between jobs, thanks to its integrated storage mode and spray head mixing system.