Complementary Products

Our complementary equipment are designed to carry out a quality SIPP- pipe lining repairs. These Complementary products for spray coating are made to enhance the SIPP pipe rehabilitations carried out with Relining Groups spray equipment ElastoTec M, ElastoTec L or Relining S-System.

PULLING DEVICE - an Automated Supporting Hose Pulling Device For Sewer and Drain Spray Lining

Our pulling device enables a smooth, steady and evenly sprayed outcome of the coated pipe.

It sets the right pulling speed, which alongside with the material calculator ensures that a right amount of resin is sprayed to the pipe. A steady pulling speed also enables a beautiful and smooth surface of the coated pipe. Also relieves the weight of the hoses while pulling.

Voltage 100 – 120 V or 200 – 240 V
60 W motor
Cable length 5 m
Weight 5 kg

FANTEC - an Air Heater For Sewer and Drain Pipes

A durable fast drying heater for pipes.

A transferrable electric air heater for temporary drying of pipes. Can be used in open and closed spaces. Fantec has an overheating protection and a residual current device.

Airflow 600 m3 / h
Performance max. 2 kW
Voltage 230 V
Cable length 5 m
Weight 11.5 kg

FANTEC S - a Powerful Drying Air Heater For Sewer and Drain Pipes

A very powerful drying air heater for pipes with adjustable wind speed and temperature.

Performance max. 2400 W
Voltage AC 220 – 240 V – Frequency: 50 Hz
Sound 60 dB
Dimensions 400 × 160 × 200 mm (L × P × H)
Package weight 4.75kg
Adjustable airflow 350 m3 / h
Wind force 2 levels, wind speed variably adjustable in the first stage
Adjustable temperature range 30 – 70 °C
3 temperature levels: normal, warm, very warm

HEATING JACKET - an Electrical Powered Heating Blanket For ElastoTec L and ElastoTec M.

An electrical powered heating blanket for ElastoTec L and ElastoTec M. Enables proper working temperature also in cold working conditions, for example in roof or cellar spaces.

Power 750 W
Voltage 240V
Temperature range 0 – 90 °C, integrated analog thermostat
Maximum load current 15 A
Cable length 2.65m

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